And so Masahiro leaves town, but never mind that because now we’re gonna talk about Mad Max: Fury Road and how it is the greatest thing ever.

I FINALLY got around to seeing it this weekend, and I swear to god I did not blink once for the entirety of it’s 2hr 1min running time. Good GOD. I stumbled out of the cinema feeling physically unbalanced.
It is, simply put, a masterpiece of film. Structurally, visually, aurally (flamethrower guitars), the whole shebang – storytelling, worldbuilding, character development, editing, sound design, costume and set design, all of it. I walked out of that cinema feeling that for the first time ever, I’d seen a movie that I would not change a single thing about. George Miller just made the perfect action movie – everyone else can just throw in the towel now.

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