oh whoops

Reminder of new cool stuff for you to check out:

I’m posting a brand new comic on Patreon! It’s called The Crow and the Queen, and it’s a fairytale in black and white (and red), and it’s going to run exclusively on Patreon, after which it will be released on Gumroad and hopefully in print as well!

I posted the finished pieces for my December character design poll! These are meant to be exclusive for my $5-$10 backers on Patreon, but my patrons were incredibly supportive throughout some chaos in December, so I opened it up to everyone as a thank you. If you want to vote on future poll-themes and decide what kind of characters I design, please consider backing me there!

If you like my comics, and just want to put some pennies in my tea-fund, you can do so via ko-fi ! Thank you for reading. 🙂