Hey there, folks! It’s been a while! And my wrist-problems, while much improved, are still persisting. Unfortunately, this type of problems – anything to do with the muscles and ligaments in the wrist and arm – can take a lot of time to heal, so I need to give it time.

There’s going to be a holiday special update that I made specifically for Tapastic on Thursday, and it will be replacing the regular update that would have happened on Friday. I’m going to take the rest of the week off and rest my wrist and not do any drawing at all, and am hoping that this holiday break will allow my wrist the time it needs to heal up.

Any changes to the posting-schedule will be announced ahead of time!

In the meantime, I’m keeping my askbox on Tumblr open (typing doesn’t strain my wrist the way drawing does), and am answering any and all questions people might have!