It’s a good thing Masahiro is such a grump 99% of the time, or Akane would be able to puppy-dog-eye him into literally anything.

Speaking of puppy-dog eyes, imagine me turning them on you, and asking you to please check out the Enough Space-Kickstarter! There are a bunch of new tiers to back on – one of them gets you a copy of the anthology in print AND digital formats, and a snazzy space cadet-patch designed by Debbie Fong! Another gets you a stack of five anthologies that you can share with your friends, or give away to local schools, or just hoard to yourself!

We’ve got 12 days to go, and we’re only 44% of the way to our 30,000$ target! If you can, please pitch in! If you can’t, spread the word as hard as you can!