Wen is a tough lady, but being yelled at is nobody’s favourite activity.  :<

Also hey guys! I sometimes draw comics that aren’t Grassblades (shocking, I know!), and a while ago I did a little oneshot scifi comic for an anthology called Enough Space for Everyone Else – and after some delay and work behind the scenes, that anthology is now live on Kickstarter!

We’re aaaaaaalmost at 4000$ out of 33000$, and it’s only been 24 hours! A lot of very talented people have drawn a lot of very cool comics for this anthology, and I am really excited for the possibility of seeing it all in print.

Enough Space for Everyone Else has as a mission exactly that – to provide space for all those scifi narratives that fall outside the usual scifi framework; there are no grizzled space marines, no intergalactic wars, no imperialist expansion into new galaxies – but there are stories about friendship, about scientific discovery, about vacations on strange planets and – in my case – of two young girls on a backwater planet dreaming big dreams about the stars.

If you like the sound of that – or just like my comics in general – please consider pitching in, and let’s get this anthology made!