Yeah, no, these odds do NOT look very nice. Fighting hapless bandits is one thing – fighting critters that bite through architecture? NOT SO MUCH.

Thanks to everyone who came by during Comic Con Stockholm! I had a bunch of fun, even if three days straight of standing around did wear me out a bit. There were some AMAZING cosplayers (there is a special joy in watching a fully kitted out Twilight Princess-Ganondorf talking to his mom on his smartphone), a bunch of adorable children in costume, some of them barely tall enough to reach above the edge of our table, and lots and lots of nice people.

I do have merch left over from the con, though, which I will be doing a giveaway of – but the giveaway will only be open to Patreon-backers who are charged for the month of November, so if getting a bunch of Grassblades-stuff in the mail sounds like something you’d like, now is the time to sign up!