~*significant staaaare*~

I survived SIS15! But only barely! I was a feverish snotmonster for most of the weekend due to a SUPREMELY ill-timed cold, which hit me like a sack of terrible bricks on Wednesday, and which is still sticking around and making it hard to breathe while drawing. I’m a lot better now, though, and I did get to spend all of Thursday in bed, re-reading the entirety of Hellboy, so that’s nice.

Lots of people stopped by our table and were nice and bought stuff and did not ONCE complain about me being a snotmonster. <3 I sold about half the copies of my limited-edition Grassblades-‘zine! I’m also slowly running out of printed copies of the complete edition of Fathoms of the Sky, which feels amazing.

The next stop on my con-list will be Comic Con Stockholm late this fall, and I will try my best to not be a snotmonster then! I will also hopefully have a bunch of new stuff for sale then. Like prints, and maybe a new ‘zine.