Grassblades – come for the grumpy samurai, stay for the exciting stair-climbing action! 😀

Re: the pacing of this chapter (and future chapters). It’s kind of slow, I know. Partly, this is because I’m so used to reading – and thinking – in print format, where readers get the entire chapter in one go. Webcomics are a different beast, obviously, so silent pages come across differently here. To that end, I’m trying to cut down on silent pages in future chapters (specifically silent pages like this, where people are just… walking). However, the silent, slower parts of Grassblades are partly intentional. The entire comic is a love letter to epic manga (like Blade of the Immortal, Vagabond, etc.) and to samurai movies – and similar Asian costume-dramas.

There is a tendency towards a slower pace in them, towards letting the “camera” rest on landscapes and on people and letting the moments breathe a little before moving on – and this is what I’m trying to do with Grassblades.

… Also, casting a man of few words and a functionally mute girl as main characters kind of naturally cuts down on wordiness! XD


Thanks to everyone who contributed, the Freya-anthology reached its crowdfunding goal and even got over-funded! 😀 Thanks, guys – that’s awesome of you. <3