The Comic
The wandering swordsman Masahiro, on the road to somewhere, finds himself caught up in the tangle of lives crossing his path. Much as he would like to keep his distance, the world has a way of insistently getting in his way. The anchor-weights of the past hold him back just as they pull him relentlessly forward, and there are shadows slowly catching up.

This is a story about journeys, about vengeance, redemption, and all the small things that we can’t seem to leave behind.

Updates Mondays and Fridays.


The Author
Grassblades is written and drawn by Anna Landin, a Swedish comic artist and illustrator. When she isn’t drawing Grassblades, she’s drawing something else – or getting lost learning about history or myths or any of the other ten thousand endlessly fascinating things she’s stumbled across this week.

She also suffers from partial face-blindness, so clearly the decision to become a comic artist was incredibly well thought out.

You can follow her on Twitter, or on Tumblr.